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Men's Eyeglasses

Men's Eyeglasses
What men look for in a pair of eyeglasses is comfort and fit as well as style and in that order.  I won't say the look is not important but they want to be comfortable and their glasses to fit and stay fit.  We often see men shop for their own taste and buy on the influence of a wife, girlfriend or significant other regarding style or color.  What stands out as important  in eyewear for men are the practical features.  What kind of metal or plastic it's made of or whether or not it has a spring hinge.  The fact is that frame designers and manufacturers are making frames for men with this in mind.  Light weight metals like titanium and surgical stainless steel are now more commonly used in exciting colors and shapes.  Various styles from conservative rimless to classic bold plastics are in fashion and all produced with comfort and fit in mind.  With so much to consider and so many frames to choose from it's important to know that our Professional Licensed Opticians are there for you.  At GV Optical you can count on an expert to assist you with your eyewear needs.

Looking for Durability?

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Whether you like a bold look or one that is virtually invisible, you don't have to sacrifice durability.  Heavy duty frames may be what you're looking for.  That bold presence on your face may suit your style and we can accommodate you.  But durability does not mean thick or heavy frame styles.  Frame manufacturers like Silhouette, Safilo and others are producing very light weight totally rimless frames with extensive warranties.  These frames are made from specialized metals that are flexible making them durable without the bulk.  In some cases the metal used in the frames weighs less than a paper clip.  These are extremely comfortable frame and rarely will get out of shape. Once fitted the flexible metal makes for consistent comfort. So if you want your eyeglasses to stand out and boldly compliment your features or blend in to reveal the real you, durable frames can be found. But what about your lenses.  Eyeglass lenses used to made of glass.  That meant they were scratch resistant but very heavy.  Plastics are much lighter but much easier to scratch.  The answer is a durable coating on the plastic lenses that not only increases durability with a 24 month warranty but also enhances light transmission.  Anti-reflective coatings are not new but the scratch, smudge and fog resistance they offer is. New and improved processes now can make a spectacle lens more durable than a non-treated lens while enhancing light transmission to 99%.  Better vision, Tougher Lenses and More Durable Frames. We Got It!!!

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Anti-Reflections 2yr. Warranty

By Dan Knauss on Aug 26, 2015 at 10:21 AM

Anti-reflective coating improves your vision through your lenses as well as the ability for others to see you through your glasses by eliminating surface reflection on both the front and back of the lens


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