Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses are the best lenses for your sun wear needs. You see, light rays vibrate in many directions. As light passes through a polarized lens, the polarized film inside the lens channels the light rays to travel in the same direction. This channeling eliminates unsightly glare, much the same way as a Venetian blind channels light. You can have sunglass lenses that are not polarized but they do not reduce glare. They reduce the intensity or brightness of all incoming light but polarized lenses selectively cut glare without reducing the intensity of the incoming light. Thus providing much sharper vision as compared to an equivalent tinted lens.

When it comes to protection from UV exposure you can be sure that your polarized lenses have 100% UVA and UVB absorption up to 400 Nanometers. The same amount of UV absorption is available on a tinted pair of sunglass lenses for a cost additional to the coloring of the lens.

The reduction of glare from the surfaces that reflect is a much more comfortable way to see during the bright daylight hours. This is especially true at the beach or when exposed to any water surfaces like lakes or pools. People who fish like it because they can see right through the surface of the water to what is underneath. When driving there is significant exposure to glare from car surfaces like the windows or shiny details. Water on the road in the late day or early morning can create a very disturbing reflective glare and polarized lenses eliminates it all.

Finally, most lens types and materials are available in a polarized version and usually in at least a few color options. So whether you wear plastic, polycarbonate or even a high index lens in single vision, bifocals or progressives you can wear polarized sunglass lenses.

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