A pair of glasses is not like buying a pair of shoes that you may or may not want to wear with an outfit of choice on any given day. Picking the right pair is more of an image choice than one of fashion. It’s tempting to go with a conservative shape and color, one that blends in and is minimal in appearance. Maybe you tend to wear more gold or silver jewelry and you think your frame should match. Let us show you how your new eyewear can compliment you and surprise you. With hundreds of styles to choose from in as many colors and shapes, you’re sure to find that perfect look.

Progressive Lenses without lines

Close to 70% of all adults need to wear some sort of eyewear for seeing distance, reading, or both.

Woman in sunglasses

If you use eyeglasses to see far and under the age of 40 you are likely near sited or Myopic. If you use your glasses to see near and are in this age group you are most likely Far sited of Hyperopic. At some point your eyes will no longer be able to accommodate both far and near using the same single vision prescription. This stage is called Presbyopia and you will need a multi-focal lens. Progressives are a version of a multi-focal lens that have no lines. Just as popular if not more so than a lined version the progressive lens has many advantages. The power in the lens is designed to progressively change from the upper distance area to the lower reading area. The gradual change in power offers an intermediate or middle distance capability that a standard bifocal doesn’t have. All distances can be accommodated all of the time in one pair of lenses. Even if you only need glasses for reading progressive lenses can work to your advantage because you can wear them all the time. Never look for you reader since your readers are always on your face. That’s a convenient way to make life easier.

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